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Effective integrated marketing instead of individual measures: Do you want to increase the reach of your target group and achieve lasting effects through creative messages and coordinated communication?

Our campaign management aims to optimally coordinate and play out the topics and core messages at all levels and channels in terms of timing and content.

Light a fire.

We use integrated campaigns to put our clients' brand, product or service in the spotlight for the long term.


Instead of quick wins, we focus on strategic action planning with medium to long-term goals and sustainable effects. We develop creative guiding ideas that are tailored precisely to your needs, goals and target group.


Do you want to appeal to your (potential) customers emotionally and trigger an action? Then you've come to the right place. We implement creative ideas and concepts with a powerful 360° approach of online and offline measures. Our holistic media planning ensures that the messages reach your target group at the optimum time and in the relevant places.


With us, everything comes from a single source - from photos, videos, texts and graphics to TV commercials, everything is produced in-house. This not only enables short communication channels within the team, but also with our customers - we always provide a personal contact person.


The campaign is in full swing - is it having an impact and what comes next? Our responsibility does not end with the start of communication. We continuously analyze and optimize the measures, carry out final evaluations of the campaign and derive the most important findings for future measures.

What we can do:


  • Concept development: Development of creative idea and message, emotional key visuals...

  • Campaign management: Planning, implementation and optimization of integrated communication measures / advertising campaigns (product campaign, offer campaign, image campaign, recruiting campaign, etc.)

  • Content production and creation of all content: Text, photo and video, audio, graphic design

  • Media planning and playout of measures

  • Reporting incl. learnings for future campaigns

You can find examples of previous work in our Content Corner. Click here!


Would you like to find out more about deeds. and our work or do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you. 😊

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Claudia von Siebenthal

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Linda​ Arpagaus
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