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Branding & Graphic Design

A convincing and authentic brand presence is crucial for every company, regardless of its size. We make sure that your presence is harmoniously aligned with the overall strategy and reflects the values of your company.

Give your brand a voice.

We examine your appearance, develop your company's image, give your brand design a new shine and create a new logo. We also take care of the design of all online and offline communication media to ensure that your message is conveyed consistently and in line with your target group.


Are you concerned about the search for new employees or the high fluctuation rate in your company? Employer branding is the way to position your company attractively and stand out to potential applicants - we are happy to support you on your way to becoming an attractive employer brand. We work from the inside out - together we formulate the employer promise, survey employees, take current trends and requirements into account and develop strategies and goals. This enables us to define, design and implement suitable measures.

What we can do - everything in-house and from a single source:

  • Corporate design development or revision (rebranding): Logo, claim, image and color worlds, strategic idea and core message, key visuals, creation of CD manual

  • Employer branding and HR marketing: Strategy development incl. workshop and analysis, design concept for building / strengthening employer brand, action planning, content planning and implementation of recruitment campaigns, internal image campaigns, optimization of employee and career pages, design of attractive job advertisements, etc.

  • Brand communication: Development of a communication concept for sustainable brand positioning, uniform messages and a consistent brand identity

  • Storytelling: Developing strategic messages, telling emotional stories and attracting the attention of your (potential) customers

  • Print design: Annual reports, image brochures, magazines, illustrations, flyers, posters ...

  • Webdesign: Mock-ups, landingpages, ...

In our Content Corner you will find examples of previously implemented campaigns. Click here

Would you like to find out more about deeds. and our work or do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you. 😊

Porträt Claudia von Siebental
Claudia von Siebenthal

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