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Claudia von Siebenthal

Co-Founder | Project Management Campaigning

As soon as creative ideas need to be translated into powerful campaign messages, Claudia is on top form. In addition, her bundle of energy with her impressive, unshakable optimism and positive charisma holds the deeds. concept together.

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...and Heidi can pack up

If the mountains belong to anyone, then it's certainly not a red-cheeked nerd from Graubünden, but our Gstaad mountain goat Claudia von Siebenthal.


She likes to eat mountain peaks before breakfast, whether on foot, bike or board. To compensate, she also rolls out the yoga mat – but only until the sun shines on her face again in the middle of the stretched side angle position. Then no Ayurvedic guru with a six-pack will be able to keep Claudia on the mat.

Because creative ideas bubble up outside in nature. And they do that with Claudia like glacial water in a clear mountain stream. Incidentally, she knows this better than many other mountain girl. As marketing and campaign manager at Glacier 3000 and later at Destination Gstaad, she skilfully negotiated many a body of water, many a mountain and many a sunset - in order to toast with her friends and colleagues over a good glass of red wine and invite them to a fine dinner.

Because if there's one thing she doesn't like, it's cooking. But Heidi didn't like that either. Right?

"The thought lays the foundation for the action."
Helmuth von Moltke

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