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René Zemanek

Co-Founder | Graphic Design

If you want to torment René, you force him to look at word art presentations and text in Comic Sans with dancing Santa GIFs. Our visual creator for every occasion is a creativity bomb just waiting to be detonated.

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Hereditary predisposition

The eye eats with you. That was drummed into Réne Zemanek at a young age. As the son of a top chef, the native of Valais grew up exclusively in hotels and restaurants. And not only was his palate spoiled, but the eye was also trained.

With this, he was able to think outside the box early on and discovered his passion for visual art. After training as a mediamatics specialist, he completed his vocational baccalaureate in design and art and continued his education to become a graduate designer in communication design followed by a web and multimedia publisher.


It is indeed amazing that he still finds time to cruise around the world in his VW camper. But the level-headed design crack knows that creativity can only develop if it is given enough freedom. And so René travels through world history together with his wife and relaxes by playing chess, biking or swimming in the Aare. And, of course, cooking should not be missing. Because even if his job differs from that of his parents – the hereditary predisposition cannot be completely dismissed.

"Design is attitude."
Helmut Schmid, typographer

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