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Yannick Romagnoli

Co-Founder | Photo & Video Creation

Yannick is our walking photo trap. Anyone who enters better see that they suck in their stomachs. Because our personal paparazzo knows no mercy. Always with his finger on the shutter button, he stages everything and everyone. Who's next?

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A picture says more than a thousand people from Freiburg

...and suddenly the bow tie flies in a high arc through the hall. Astonished looks fall on the otherwise reserved Yannick Romagnoli, who becomes a real party animal that evening at the Bierhübeli in Bern. They can party, the mountain people from the Freiburg foothills of the Alps.


Otherwise, however, Yannick is not a man of big words - malicious tongues claim that the reason lies in the difficult to understand Freiburg dialect. It is therefore not surprising that his careers as a bank account manager and sporting goods consultant did not offer any long-term prospects. As a clerk, he endured a little longer. However, only until he was given the opportunity in 2020 to realise his long-cherished dream and turn his passion for photography into a profession.

Images are Yannick's language. With these he tells stories of mountain peaks and sunrises, of wrinkled faces and shaggy animals, of art and crafts, cuisine and tradition. Whether on his hiking and trail running excursions or his trips to distant countries: the camera is always with him. Oddly enough, incriminating photos of the party night in the Hübeli are missing. What a pity.

"My camera is my passport."
Author unknown

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