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Pascal von Känel

Content Creation

Päsci can drink coffee. He can also draw, paint, design, act, photograph, film and ride motorbikes. And he's our AI crack. Actually, it's better to ask Päsci what he can't do. The list is definitely shorter. About as short as his CV. Because our resident mediamatic is still young. Outrageously young.

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Talent rarely comes alone

Gameboy, Eurodance and doomsday theories are mere footnotes in the history books for him. Because when Pascal "Päsci" von Känel was born in 2002, all that was a thing of the past.


He embodies the exuberant drive of youth, the endlessly bubbling source of creativity, the walking mirror of one's own transience. At the speed of light and with wet trousers, he races through the refreshing summer rain on his motorbike, and with stoic calm and perseverance he captures the breathtaking beauty of the mountains in his photographs. But his real passion is moving images. As a trained media technician, he not only captures spectacular images with his film camera, but also masters the art of post-production, conjuring up impressive short films, action-packed reels and epic aftermovies with just a few cuts.


And if the screen ever stays black, it's only because he's an actor himself at the Oberland Märlibühne. And every now and then he slips into roles from times long past. Who knows, maybe he'll discover the magic of the Gameboy and Eurodance.

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."
Albert Einstein

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