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Nik Thomi

Co-Founder | Content & Storytelling, PR & Corporate Communication

Whenever Nik shows up, he always gets envious looks. Not because of who he is, but because he always looks like he's going on a trip around the world with his huge suitcase. But he doesn't. For deeds. he produces videos and any other multimedia content.

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The decision-Dyslexic 

Nik Thomi noticed that the life of a teacher would not work out during his first internship, when he was supposed to introduce the passé composé and had to realise that the students already knew better than he did.


So he got hired by the radio after teacher training college and played through the entire radio game over the next 20 years or so. As a host of the hit parade, he presented the program with the highest ratings in Switzerland on SRF3 and tried his hand as moderator at Energy Bern. He dared to completely overwhelm himself in 2014 when he switched to FC Thun as head of media. And yet he endured football for a full seven years.


Until a few courageous Oberlanders had the grandiose idea of ​​founding a sustainability project and a marketing agency. As the person responsible for content, he began producing videos and also completed a voiceover training course so that he could set the videos to music himself.

And if he still finds time besides his job, the family with two small children and his biking and hiking trips, his sole proprietorship offers DJ gigs and event moderation. Deciding on something? Completely overrated.

"My definition of happiness? ​
No appointments and a little tipsy."
Harald Juhnke

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