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Michel Hediger

Co-Founder | Project management for product and range development

Numbers people are unapproachable. Is it known. But Michel "Mitch" Hediger melts old psychological wisdom like global warming melts the Gstaad glacier. The sociable guy with the dry sense of humor is not shaken even in hectic moments.

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All warm air?

Spoiler Alert: Of course not. Although this definitely plays a central role in Michel Hediger's life. When he's panting up a mountain early in the morning, it's only because he's chasing the best thermals with his paraglider. Only to then (this braggart) gently land right next to his apartment building.

Also professionally Mitch flies in other spheres. He knows what we want before we know it ourselves. A ski paradise in a swimming pool? A fondue gondola in the middle of the city? A family world on the mountain? Mitch's motto: Corners are there to fly around. For example, he developed the dynamic pricing system for the Gstaad mountain railways, set up the price structure and also implemented the system in the online shop. For Mitch, projects are mountain peaks to climb.


Just like on his private hiking, climbing and freeriding tours, these always require crampons and pickaxes. But there is always the perfect tool in his lightweight nano-carbon backpack. Always.

"Change is the only constant in life."
Author unknown

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