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Marie-Line Michel

Co-Founder | Content & Storytelling, PR & Corporate Communication, Campaigning

A word says more than a thousand pictures - if it comes from Marie-Line. The native of Gstaad knows how to string words together to convince people. She is a communication professional through and through and always brings the deeds. chaos squad to their senses with her level-headed manner.

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The two-wheeled herb witch

Outdoor adventures with Marie-Line Michel are exhausting. Both physically and mentally. You either chase after the woman from the Oberland on your bike or racing bike - or the sporting activity degenerates into sweaty interval training because the self-proclaimed herb witch discovers some rare weed along the way every few meters, which must be examined immediately.

As Madame M, Marie-Line has recently been mixing secret tinctures and soothing ointments, which she then sells to daring testers. This is a balance to her job, which mainly takes place on the computer - which, however, suits the "travel fox" very well. It is also possible for her to write PR texts for her customers from the Indonesian jungle or to get her comrades on their feet as head of the deeds. content team. She has acquired the tools for these tasks in recent years as Content and Communication Manager at Bern Welcome and as campaign manager and PR project manager at Destination Gstaad.

She gets the tools for her work as Madame M in her kitchen, where she also prepares her favorite dish: omelets - the best refreshment for the next interval training session.

"Never try, never know."
Author unknown

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