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Andreas Wandfluh

Co-Founder | Project Management Strategic Marketing 

Andreas is the mark par excellence. He is a motivator, spinner, integrator, the "Hi, I'm Ändel"-type and our internal party animal. In short: the guy with the strategic skills and our secret weapon when it comes to the big picture.

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Spiderman is a GC fan

Being fan of the Grasshopper Club Zürich while coming from Frutigen, you have to be an unshakable optimist. This circumstance alone proves that Andreas Wandfluh's saying "Nothing is impossible" is not just an empty phrase, but rather the incorporated flight forward.


After all, as a GC fan, he even managed to become responsible for marketing at FC Thun. However, only until the mountains called and he was given the opportunity in Gstaad to build up a company from scratch as managing director of Gstaad Marketing GmbH. Here he began to spin his web and to link people together.


His Oberland charm, the distinctive Frutiger dialect, his down-to-earth manner and his fondness for family and nature were so well received by the people of Saanen that, thanks to his network, he soon felt ready for the next challenge: setting up the Impact Gstaad sustainability initiative, which inspires influential Gtaad locals and guests to do good. Together with his buddies the Oberland Spiderman launched his latest offspring deeds. in the summer of 2022. And here, too, he is guaranteed to cast his skillfully woven net again.

"The good will prevail over the wicked"
Maria Lauber 1891–1973

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